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The New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science is an international journal covering the breadth of forestry science. Planted forests are a particular focus but manuscripts on a wide range of forestry topics will also be considered. The journal's scope covers forestry species, which are those capable of reaching at least five metres in height at maturity in the place they are located, but
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Current Issue

Vol. 54 (2024)

Published: 2024-01-02

Research Articles

Effect of light intensity and seal type on the in vitro elongation and adventitious rooting of Eucalyptus grandis × E. urophylla

Denys Matheus Santana Costa Souza, Sérgio Bruno Fernandes, Vinícius Politi Duarte, Letícia Vaz Molinari (Author); Gustavo Leal Teixeira; Gilvano Brondani (Author)
Abstract 286 | PDF Downloads 757

Do leaf traits affect insect herbivory in a Chinese cork oak forest?

Xinliang Shao, Ke Cheng, Qin Zhang, Fei Xu, Lili Li (Author)
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 630

Peeler core and slabwood fibre properties for Pinus radiata D.Don pulp production

Juan Pedro Elissetche, Luis A. Apiolaza, Rosa M. Alzamora, Luis O. Soto, Jean Pierre Lasserre (Author)
Abstract 216 | PDF Downloads 610 Text File Downloads 340

Seed thermo-priming accelerates the growth of Ceiba glaziovii (Kutze) K.Schum. seedlings

José Laurindo dos Santos Júnior, Elizamar Ciríaco da Silva (Author)
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 516

Diversity and growth patterns of woody species in the Mediterranean Coastal range of Chile: A case study in Altos de Cantillana

Stephanie Gibson-Carpintero, Anahi Ocampo-Melgar, Alejandro Venegas-González (Author)
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 480

Mid-term results and prospects for irregular shelterwood systems in hardwood-dominated temperate rainforests in Chile

Pablo J. Donoso, Tomás Riquelme-Buitano, Daniel P. Soto (Author)
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 343

Shelterwood cut intensity determines recovery pathways of managed Nothofagus pumilio forests

Jimena E. Chaves, Julián Rodríguez-Souilla, Juan M. Cellini, María V. Lencinas, Pablo L. Peri, Guillermo Martínez Pastur (Author)
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 176

Short Communication

Relationship between photosynthetic-water and nitrogen use efficiencies in young Pinus taeda L. trees at two contrasting sites

Marco A. Yáñez, Sergio E. Espinoza, Juan F. Ovalle, Carlos R. Magni, Eduardo E. Martínez (Author)
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 550


Use of nitrogen-fixing plants to improve planted forest soil fertility and productivity in New Zealand: A review

Nicola M. Reid, Kathryn Wigley, Aysha Nusrath, Simeon J. Smaill, Loretta G. Garrett (Author)
Abstract 225 | PDF Downloads 500
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