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The New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science is an international journal covering the breadth of forestry science. Planted forests are a particular focus but manuscripts on a wide range of forestry topics will also be considered. The journal's scope covers forestry species, which are those capable of reaching at least five metres in height at maturity in the place they are located, but
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Current Issue

Vol. 52 (2022)

Published: 2022-01-11

Research Articles

Diameter distribution model development of tropical hybrid Eucalyptus clonal plantations in Sumatera, Indonesia: A comparison of estimation methods

Joni Waldy, John A. Kershaw Jr, Aaron Weiskittel, Mark J. Ducey (Author)
Abstract 776 | PDF Downloads 762

Effect of inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth of Catalpa bungei

Panpan Meng, Wei Chen, Huan Feng, Shouxia Zhang, Junhui Wang, Wenjun Ma, Guijuan Yang, Chunyan Wang (Author)
Abstract 214 | PDF Downloads 440

Selection of Pinus spp. progenies in Lavras (Minas Gerais, Brazil) at 36 months of age

Érick Martins Nieri, Antônio Carlos Porto, Rodolfo Soares de Almeida, Lucas Amaral de Melo, Eduardo Willian Resende, Generci Assis Neves, Luana Maria dos Santos, Júlio Cézar Tannure Faria (Author)
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 395

History of slope instability in the Oldina plantation, Tasmania

Adrian Slee, Peter D. McIntosh (Author)
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 278

Developing fully compatible taper and volume equations for all stem components of Eucalyptus globoidea Blakely trees in New Zealand

Daniel Boczniewicz, Euan G. Mason, Justin A. Morgenroth (Author)
Abstract 249 | Additional File Downloads 0 PDF Downloads 349

Characterisation of harvest residues on New Zealand’s steepland plantation cutovers

Campbell Harvey, Rien Visser (Author)
Abstract 195 | PDF Downloads 321

Differentiating individuals of Armillaria species in New Zealand forests

Sarah Dodd, Farhat Shah, Mark Kimberley, Chanatda Somchit, Ian Hood (Author)
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 265

Use of biodegradable polyester-based microvessels for micropropagation of mature Eucalyptus microcorys

Júlio Cézar Tannure Faria (Author); Caius Ribeiro-Kumara; Rayssa Silva da Rocha Costa, Erick Martins Nieri, Dulcinéia de Carvalho, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira Pinto, Alfredo Rodrigues de Sena Neto, Gilvano Ebling Brondani (Author)
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 280

Prediction of noise emission in the machining of wood materials by means of an artificial neural network

Şükrü Özşahin, Hilal Singer (Author)
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 258

Genetic variation in wood properties of mid-rotation age Eucalyptus globoidea

Ebenezer A. Iyiola, Clemens M. Altaner, Luis A. Apiolaza (Author)
Abstract 225 | PDF Downloads 247

Predicting resin pockets and blemishes in radiata pine lumber from log properties

Trevor G. Jones, Jun Li Yang, Don L. McConchie, Geoffrey M. Downes (Author)
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 196

Taper and individual tree volume equations of Eucalyptus varieties under contrasting irrigation regimes

Juan Carlos Valverde, Rafael Rubilar, Alex Medina, Oscar Mardones, Verónica Emhart, Daniel Bozo, Yosselin Espinoza, Octavio Campoe (Author)
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 227

More timber from fewer trees – determining what tree density optimises silver beech merchantable yield based upon a long-term thinning trial

Tomas Easdale, Robert B. Allen, Larry E. Burrows, David Henley, Dudley A. Franklin (Author)
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 153

Infection periods of Phytophthora pluvialis and Phytophthora kernoviae in relation to weather variables and season in Pinus radiata forests in New Zealand

Ian A. Hood, Sean Husheer, Judy F. Gardner, Tony W. Evanson, Gordon Tieman, Catherine Banham, Liam A.H. Wright, Stuart Fraser (Author)
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 135

Efficacy and optimal timing of low-volume aerial applications of copper fungicides for the control of red needle cast of pine

Stuart Fraser, Mike Baker, Grant Pearse, Christine L. Todoroki, Honey Jane Estarija, Ian A. Hood, Lindsay S. Bulman, Chanatda Somchit, Carol A. Rolando (Author)
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 112


Silviculture of South American temperate native forests

Pablo J. Donoso, Alvaro Promis, Gabriel A. Loguercio, Hernan Attis Beltrán, Marina Caselli, Luis M. Chauchard, Gustavo Cruz, Marcelo González Peñalba, Guillermo Martínez Pastur, Celso Navarro, Patricio Núñez, Christian Salas-Eljatib, Daniel P. Soto, Angélica Vásquez-Grandón (Author)
Abstract 635 | PDF Downloads 761

Science, policy, and sustainable indigenous forestry in New Zealand

Matt S. McGlone, Peter J. Bellingham, Sarah J. Richardson (Author)
Abstract 321 | PDF Downloads 543
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