Published: 2020-04-25

Research Articles

Logging damage to residual trees during sustainable harvesting of uneven-age stands in the Hyrcanian forests of Iran

Afraz Iranparast Bodaghi, Mehrdad Nikooy, Ramin Naghdi, Farzam Tavankar (Author)
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A preliminary growth and yield model for Eucalyptus globoidea Blakely plantations in New Zealand

Serajis Salekin, Euan G. Mason, Justin Morgenroth, Dean F. Meason (Author)
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Modelling growth of Pinus taeda and Eucalyptus grandis as a function of light sums modified by air temperature, vapour pressure deficit, and water balance

Cecilia Rachid-Casnati, Euan G Mason, Richard C Woollons, Joe Landsberg (Author)
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Regression kriging to improve basal area and growing stock volume estimation based on remotely sensed data, terrain indices and forest inventory of black pine forests

Ferhat Bolat, Sinan Bulut, Alkan Günlü, İlker Ercanlı, Muammer Şenyurt (Author)
Abstract 1261 | PDF Downloads 901

Minimum representative root distribution sampling for calculating slope stability in Pinus radiata D.Don plantations in New Zealand

Filippo Giadrossich, Massimiliano Schwarz, Michael Marden, Roberto Marrosu, Chris Phillips (Author)
Abstract 1221 | PDF Downloads 758

Development of an SSR-based DNA fingerprinting method for black wattle (Acacia mearnsii De Wild)

Michael Bairu, Willem Coetzer, Amelework Assefa (Author)
Abstract 945 | PDF Downloads 531 Additional file Downloads 229

An updated survey on the use of geospatial technologies in New Zealand’s plantation forestry sector

Sarah de Gouw, Justin Morgenroth, Cong Xu (Author)
Abstract 1458 | PDF Downloads 905

Synergy in mixed Nothofagus spp. plantations: the effect of deciduous/evergreen neighbourhood on tree growth in the Chilean Andes

Patricio Ojeda-González, Pablo J. Donoso, Alfredo Erlwein (Author)
Abstract 559 | PDF Downloads 439 Additional file Downloads 81

Increased forest cover and limits on clear-felling could substantially reduce landslide occurrence in Tasman, New Zealand.

James W. Griffiths, Claire E. Lukens, Roger May (Author)
Abstract 1867 | PDF Downloads 960

Flight activity of wood- and bark-boring insects at New Zealand ports

Stephen M. Pawson, Jessica L. Kerr, Chanatda Somchit, Carl W. Wardhaugh (Author)
Abstract 734 | PDF Downloads 609 Additional file Downloads 85